General and Specific Objectives

General Objectives

Design, optimization and development of cementitious concretes with enhanced thermal properties (high Heat Capacities and thermal conductivities and long lasting stability).

Design, development and validation of a new variety of TES modules based on concretes.

processing structural thermal properties correlations in cement-based materials.

More advancement on cement-based TES modules

Specific Objectives

Optimization of the thermal properties of OPCs composites.

Optimization of the thermal properties of geopolymer-based composites.

Optimization of thermal properties of CACs composites.

Identification of technical requirements for different applications concrete-based
TES modulus.

Extend current multi-scale (nano to micro) computational schemes for predicting heat transfer processes in cement-based composites.

Extend current Multiphysics models of TES systems.

Explorative study of the possibilities offered by 3D-printing technology

 Develop small-scale concrete-based TES prototypes.

Set-up and coordinate international Committees and Conferences specific for
these application.

Establishment of fluent meetings with key industrial actors